Piano Practice | My Shetland

Piano Practice | My Shetland

Every morning, when OH takes the dogs out for a walk, I have the house to myself and I play the piano.  I have played since I was very young (4) and it is my relaxation, when I switch off. Mostly I sight read because that is what I like doing most (and I have the brain of a hen so I never remember if I have played it before or not!)

And then Monster arrived.

And it instantly became very difficult to play properly.

There was also the accompanying very noisy protest.  Some might say “singing”. I wouldn’t. He howled for attention.

And I can’t really play the piano when someone is glaring at me.

From every angle!

So I told Monster to go busy himself with something else and he clambered onto the top of the piano.

I will admit that Monster looks very pretty with the flower arrangement and I’ve had some fun putting filters on the photos to see if it made the White Panther look more picturesque.

Ok, he has a certain charm.

Until he came back to glare at me some more. I gave up and made myself a cup of coffee and then the dogs rushed back in covered in mud and the house went back to normal!

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Piano Practice | My Shetland

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