Cake and Waterfall | My Shetland

Cake and Waterfall | My Shetland

The thing with visitors, which is always nice, is that I have the excuse to take them to places that I’m always meaning to go to.

So Steph and I went in search of cake and, where better, but our Cake Fridge which is full of delicious home-bakes and it really is a fridge on the side of the road.

Alongside is a delightful tea-room with Lovely Things available to buy in the accompanying craft shop.  I was in heaven, I won’t lie.

And the cake is fabulous – we bought a large variety (and I returned for more for Eurovision tonight).

Down the road was a field of Shetland ponies – mares and foals.

So, of course, we had to go and take a look.


Divine.  Darling little peoples.

Another short drive and we reached another of our destinations – the Burn of Lunklet.  Now, I have never been here and have always been meaning to. I’ve driven past it enough times.

This involves a walk – not a long one, but still a walk.

And off we set along a rather spongey path but it was mostly dry.


Steph and I both thought, at one point, “is this it?” as we walked along the side of the burn (stream) feeling rather under-whelmed.

And then we turned a corner and saw this beautiful waterfall.

So yes, most definitely worth it.

I am feeling slightly smug now that we went and also came home with large amounts of great cake.

My verdict; The Cake Fridge is well worth a visit in so many ways (cake and crafts), and the Burn of Lunklet is beautiful (but keep going until you see it – accept no imitations).

Cake and Waterfall | My Shetland

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