Animal shelters ‘overwhelmed’ as people abandoning pets amid living crisis

UK: Animal shelters 'overwhelmed' as people abandoning pets amid living crisis

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London (England): The living crisis in the UK is forcing people to give up their pets as many animal shelters receiving overwhelming number of pets left at their doors, news reports suggest.

As per the reports, the employees of these shelters have become sleep deprived as a result of rising demand for their services combined with rapidly rising bills.

Bills that include the cost of food, pet insurance, and veterinary doctors, are all putting a strain on finances, ultimately causing an impact on the animals.

As per the report, Bills at the Bristol Animal Rescue Centre (Bristol Arc) have increased by £17,000.

While talking to The Mirror, Dr Damian Pacini, principle vet at the charity said: “This winter is going to be challenging for everyone, as the rising cost of living continues to affect us,” she said adding that pets may suffer as well, as families struggle to afford their care.

“This year we estimate our own energy bill will go up by £17,000. Unwanted pets continue to arrive at our doors in need of help, as the cost of living crisis affects their owners.” She told the news agency.

As per the reported data, the number of people receiving help from Bristol Arc’s Outreach vets and nurses is up 54% since last year.

Furthermore, the team predicts a ‘even bigger jump’ during the winter months as the knock-on effects of the cost of living crisis affect pet owners across Bristol.

“Ultimately, all of this will put more strain on our already overburdened team,” Dr. Pacini added.

As per the report, Bristol Arc charity relies almost entirely on donations from the local community to survive, and fundraising is also difficult given the economic crisis across England.

Bristol Arc has 120 volunteers; without whom caring for the vast amount of animals in the facility, will become impossible.

Due to this, the admin also launched a Christmas Appeal to help make ends meet this winter.

Meanwhile, the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes (ADCH) reportedly surveyed more than 60 animal shelters across
England to know how they were dealing with the cost of living crisis.

According to the data, 92% of shelters saw an increase in people wanting to surrender a dog compared to pre-pandemic levels, and 88% saw an increase in people wanting to surrender cats.

To respond to the crisis, more than half planned to open pet food banks, and 30% considered offering low-cost or free veterinary care.

Reportedly, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), has also seen a 24% increase in the number of pets dumped this year, with shelters reporting that they are ‘drowning in animals’ due to rising living costs.

The same situation has been seen by the Dogs Trust, with shelters facing long waiting lists and many setting up pet food banks.

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Animal shelters ‘overwhelmed’ as people abandoning pets amid living crisis

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