Langley animal shelter 50/50 raffle starts Feb. 16

Langley animal shelter 50/50 raffle starts Feb. 16

The Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS) annual 50/50 raffle fundraiser is opening soon on Feb. 16.

Funds for the pot are raised through the purchase of tickets, and the winner will take half the total raised while the other half will go towards the animal shelter, explained executive director Sarah Jones.

“Last year it took a bit of a dip [due to] the economy, so we’re hoping to see it grow again this year,” she said.

Last year’s raffle raised $18,620, which was split between one lucky winner and LAPS.

“That winner was incredibly happy to receive that because they needed it,” Jones recalled.

The shelter’s portion of funds were dispersed between veterinary care and the various programs LAPS offers, including the food bank for pets, compassion boarding, and veterinary care spay and neuter.

“A lot of animals that come in require a significant amount of veterinary care,” she said.

Most recently, Jones said the shelter took in a litter of puppies that were found on the side of a road and one of them had worms so bad that its intestines were heavily damaged.

“It had to be rushed to the emergency clinic, and it gets expensive. We want to make sure our animals are as healthy as possible before they go to their new homes and are set up for success,” she said.

Jones stressed that there is an “unbelievable need” at the shelter right now.

“We have a bunch in foster, a bunch in the boarding kennels Fraser Valley Institute because the little ones aren’t for adoption, so our comfort level to give really amazing care is about 15. So our staff are working really hard, and our volunteers are amazing,” Jones shared.

She added that the car for cats is all done through donations.

The 50/50 raffle opens on Feb. 16 and runs until April 27. When it opens, tickets can be bought online through a link on their website at

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Langley animal shelter 50/50 raffle starts Feb. 16

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