Café Society | My Shetland

Café Society | My Shetland

Every Friday in our local village Walls, about 4 miles away, the Methodist Church plays host to a luch time café.

It is a great place to see folk, meet up and have a natter accompanied with delicious soup, the best bacon roll I have ever had, along with a selection of excellent homemade cake.  Apparently they serve other things, but that’s always my go to, along with a pot of tea.  Today I dragged OH with me.  I try to go most Fridays just because I always see friends and enjoy myself.  It makes a change.

After a very nice lunch, we drove home and I was back in my shed making sheeple.  I am going into town tomorrow so want to take in as many as I can.

All day the rain has been on and off – the rule is if I leave the big shed door open, then the rain is torrential and soaks everything, and if I shut it, the sun shines and I then regret my decisions for the whole day.

I can’t win.

I know that.


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Café Society | My Shetland

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