Better ‘Haviour | My Shetland

Better ‘Haviour | My Shetland

A beautiful sunrise this morning.  Cold and windy but still beautiful.

And it made a nice back drop while Vitamin ate her brekkie.

Pepper (and Ted) were with me. Ted hides behind the drystone walls, but Pepper likes to be with me and the ponies.

And today Silver wasn’t trying to stamp on her – he can be mean, but Pepper knows this, watches for the signs and gives him a wide berth if necessary.

And I am glad that Silver has accepted Pepper.  We have had words about his murderous ‘haviour.


Then Tiddles joined in. I trust Tiddles more with Pepper.

The sun made a brief appearance.

And the light was instantly magical.

Good old Waffle. I am not sure which photo I like the best, to be honest.

Once the girls had finished eating, I washed eyes (Fivla), swooshed mouths (Vitamin), sprayed hooves (Vitamin) and gave Silver a kiss on his nosey for being a gentleman and not a stamping murderous maniac today.

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Better ‘Haviour | My Shetland

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