Stand Your Ground | My Shetland

Stand Your Ground | My Shetland

Yesterday afternoon, while my Wool Week friend and I were chatting to the sheep in the field, the Icelandic horses came up to join us too.

We turned to go home for a well-earned cup of tea and looked back to see this…..

Kolka sniffing ‘Ster, who was looking straight at me, as if to say “what do I do?”

So I told him to do nothing and just go with it.

But Kolka went too far and ‘Ster made it very clear.  Sniffing only please, madam.

And she understood, determined to find out what these woolly creatures are that she shares a field with during the daytime.

I don’t think ‘Ster minded.  He decided he could trust her and obviously Kolka loves the smell of slightly damp wool.

What’s not to love? ‘Ster smells like a lovely brand new pure wool sweater.

And then ‘Ster decided he’d had enough and I understand that but it was nice to see them both communicating with each other.  Some horses and ponies will kill sheep if they share a field, but I actually know and trust that my lot won’t.  Well, certainly the big lot.  I’m not that convinced by the Minions, though.  They can go about with a gang mentality and I remember them making a point of chasing Lambie when he was very little.

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Stand Your Ground | My Shetland

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