10 Unlikely Animal Besties! – One Green Planet

10 Unlikely Animal Besties! - One Green Planet

In the animal kingdom, friendships can form between the most unlikely pairs. From dogs and cats to hippos and tortoises, these unexpected bonds often defy expectations and demonstrate the capacity for cross-species connection. Let’s explore some fascinating examples of unlikely animal friendships and dive into the reasons behind their formation and showcase the heartwarming stories that have captured our attention.

1. Dog and Cat

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

Dogs and cats have become popular companions for humans, but they can also form strong friendships with each other. Their differences in behavior and communication styles can complement each other. For example, a dog’s playful and energetic nature can bring out the playfulness in a cat, leading to mutual enjoyment and bonding.

2. Hippo and Tortoise

Source: Wonderbot Animals/Youtube

Hippos and tortoises may seem like an odd pair, but they have been known to establish a friendly companionship. They often share the same habitat and can be seen resting near each other. The slow-paced nature of the tortoise may create a calming influence on the hippo, leading to a peaceful coexistence.

In one wildlife reserve, a young hippo and a 130-year-old tortoise became close friends.

3. Monkey and Pigeon

Monkeys and pigeons have been witnessed engaging in playful interactions and even grooming each other. These friendships can develop in urban environments where both species have adapted to human presence, finding common ground in their search for food and shelter.

At an animal sanctuary in China, a monkey and a pigeon quickly became inseparable. The 12-week-old macaque, who was left abandoned developed a friendship with a white pigeon. 

4. Goat and Donkey

Source: Nat Geo WILD/Youtube

Goats and donkeys are both social animals that enjoy companionship. They often form deep friendships when kept together, providing each other with comfort and a sense of security. Donkeys, known for their protective nature, can act as guardians for goats, while goats can provide a playful and energetic presence.

A farm sanctuary in Grass Valley, California is home to Mr. G, a goat, and his BFF a donkey named Jelly Bean.

5. Lioness and Antelope

Source: Aakif Mairaj Mufti/Youtube

While lions are predators, certain heartwarming cases have been documented where lionesses show maternal instincts towards young oryx calves. They protect and nurture them as if they were their own, forming a unique and unlikely bond.

In a wildlife reserve, a lioness was observed protecting an orphaned antelope calf.

6. Elephant and Sheep

Source: FKTelevision/Youtube

Elephants are known for their intelligence and social bonds, and they have been observed forming unexpected friendships with sheep in certain sanctuaries. The gentle nature of elephants and the calm presence of sheep seem to create a peaceful and harmonious companionship.

After a rough start, an orphaned elephant and sheep hit it off and became best friends. 

7. Dog and Owl


Source: Just Live/Youtube

Dogs are highly social animals, while owls are known for their solitary behavior. However, in some cases, dogs and owls have been seen playing together or displaying acts of affection. These friendships often occur in settings where both species are domesticated or interact with humans.

This rescue owl, Nyusha, and a blue-eyed husky pup, Ilona, found a common language through play. They became best friends and even live inside together!

8. Deer and Rabbit

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

Deer and rabbits can form adorable friendships, often seen grazing and resting together in meadows. Their peaceful coexistence may be attributed to the similarities in their herbivorous diets and their non-threatening behavior toward each other.

Nellie was an orphaned deer who never met her mom and when she arrived at the rescue, every other deer was getting ready to be released. Luckily, there was a bunny named Polly waiting to be her friend.

9. Orangutan and Dog

Source: Real Wild/Youtube

Orangutans have shown the capacity to adopt and care for dogs, forming a unique bond between the two species. Orangutans, known for their intelligence and nurturing instincts, can provide companionship and protection to dogs, creating a friendship that transcends typical inter-species relationships.

In a sanctuary, an orangutan was observed adopting a stray dog, cuddling and playing with it as if it were its own offspring, showcasing the extraordinary bond that can develop between these two species.

10. Tiger and Bear

Source: safarisammie/Youtube

In some wildlife sanctuaries, tigers and bears have been observed developing friendships and engaging in playful activities such as chasing each other or wrestling. These friendships may arise from shared enclosures or rehabilitative environments, where both species find common ground in their need for social interaction.

In the video above, you can see this tiger and bear friendship in all of its glory.

The animal kingdom never stops surprising us with the remarkable friendships that can develop across species. From the playful dynamics between dogs and cats to the peaceful coexistence of hippos and tortoises, these unlikely bonds remind us of the incredible adaptability and capacity for connection that animals possess. These friendships not only provide companionship and joy for the animals involved but also serve as a reminder of the beauty and uniqueness of the natural world. As we continue to learn about these extraordinary friendships, let us celebrate the diversity and wonder of the animal kingdom and the connections that can transcend boundaries.

Animals Are My Favorite People by Tiny Rescue: Animal Collection

Animals Are My Favorite People by Tiny Rescue: Animal Collection

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10 Unlikely Animal Besties! – One Green Planet

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