Packed like Sardines | My Shetland

Packed like Sardines | My Shetland

It was a really grotty morning today as it had pretty much rained all night and everyone was soaked through and thoroughly fed up.

The breakfast paddock was utterly revolting and we were feeling very fed up.

After breakfast, I wondered whether they would all go back into their field, where the grass is, but no, Vitamin determinedly waded through the mud to the wee shed and made it her’s.

The others followed her over and asked if they could come in too.

Some were more successful than others.

I ended up asking them all to shove up a bit and make some space for Fivla who wanted to go inside too.  I put a headcollar on her and led her inside.  She was wary about this as she is not one for crowds and when Waffle started being creepy (licking her rug and I hope that was all he was doing), she was not happy one bit.

*** oh Storm ***

Meanwhile outside, Newt wanted to go in too.

It was nice to see that Tiddles, despite being soaking wet, still had his sense of humour.

Later on, I saw that the wee shed actually fits five and a quarter Shetland ponies.   Who knew?  They must’ve been stacked like sardines in there and it was surely a tad close, smell-wise!  I will shovel it out tomorrow.

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Packed like Sardines | My Shetland

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