Out with Monster | My Shetland

Out with Monster | My Shetland

First thing this morning, Monster surprised us all with his presence.  While we were busy feeding hens, ducks, ponies, horses and sheep, he was busy yowling about the mud and getting his legs dirty.

Yup, a dirty Monster. A rare sight.

There is someone or something living under the feed shed….. Monster and Pepper hunt as a pair.  A pair of what’s, I am not sure, though.

Note how Monster is perched on a rock minimising his nearness to mud.

He entertained himself by biffing Pepper with his paw from his hideout in the shed or, as Monster likes to call it, the world’s biggest cat litter tray!

Back outside, chores done and we are all on our way indoors for our breakfast.  It’s our turn.

For a brief moment, Monster thought about attacking an ignorant Ted.  This was just before he did that sideways hoppity thing that makes us all laugh.

Ted didnt have a clue what was going on in Monster’s head. Probably just as well.

So Monster pretended to stalk Ted instead.

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Out with Monster | My Shetland

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