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I want to know which is healthier, protein from Animals or those from Plants?

Henry (by SMS)


Nutritionists believe that eating plant protein is objectively healthier than eating animal protein but research shows that the Mediterranean diet — which has plants as its foundation and also includes lean protein sources and seafood — is the best form of diet. The Mediterranean diet emphasizes whole fruits, vegetables, and grains, and includes a moderate amount of seafood while limiting dairy products and red meats. Having said this, it has also been established that both animal and plant proteins are healthy and can be incorporated into a healthy diet. The diet as a whole is much more important than the individual foods. Experts believe that it is recommended to vary types of protein (especially if choosing plant proteins) to ensure nutritional adequacy and take into account the other nutrients consumed with protein foods. The aim is to eat less of processed protein types such as sausage, bacon, deli meat, and processed plant-based meat alternatives while consuming more fresh seafood proteins and avoid frying and breading them. It is equally important to eat more nuts, seeds, and beans/legumes.



Animal or plant protein – Tribune Online

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