A Brief Thought | My Shetland

A Brief Thought | My Shetland

Now the Minions are home, I had this, albeit brief, stupid idea that it would be nice to have all the horses and ponies together in one field.  This was entirely based on Kolka who quite likes the little ones and spends much of her time at the fence talking to them in a friendly way.

I asked Haakon what he thought of this plan.

And he duly discussed it with Iacs.

And they came to the conclustion that it would be a very bad idea.  A very bad idea indeed.

Yes, Kolka probably likes the Minions very much but I doubt she could eat a whole one! (joke).

Before Kolka came to us, she used to live with Shetland ponies so she understands their little ways.  Haakon and Iacs are not the greatest fans but they will tolerate them.

So I told the Minions that they could just get on with their life in their field (until the track is ready and then they’re going to live there) and the Ancients were staying where they were.

And anyway, OH reminded me that eleven breakfast time buckets in the same field would be a nightmare and I quickly realised my great idea was actually a terrible one.

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A Brief Thought | My Shetland

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