DSM-Firmenich brings environmental footprints to animal protein products

A life cycle assessment (LCA) assesses the environmental aspects associated with a product over its life cycle. This encompasses the extraction of raw materials associated with the product, as well as the production and distribution of energy throughout its use, its potential reuse, and final disposal. In food, this cradle-to-crave methodology is widely used to […]

‘Significant differences’ in nutrients intake found between animal-based and plant-based diets, long-term impact hangs in the balance

Sustainable nutrition and alternative proteins have been top-of-mind topics of the current century. However, the nutritional advantages of a diet composed of plant-based alternatives (PBA) compared to one comprising animal-based proteins remains an area where more research is required. An observational study supported by Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation (SIFBI), A*STAR, modelled the […]

New Research Suggests That These Protein Sources Are Not Nutritionally Equivalent

Scientists found that two-ounce-equivalents (oz-eq) of animal-based protein foods provide greater essential amino acids (EAA) bioavailability than the same quantity of plant-based protein foods. The study challenges the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGAs) which suggest these protein sources are nutritionally equivalent. Consuming equal ounce-equivalent portions of animal-based and plant-based protein foods, as per the Dietary […]

Plant-and-animal protein blends are on the rise

The protein space has been interesting to watch. First, dairy proteins such as whey and casein reigned supreme. Over time, plant-based proteins became more popular and, as technology improved, more palatable and versatile. Diets such as the Paleo diet placed an emphasis on eating meat and opened the protein category to bone broth ingredients. All […]

Novus International brings intelligent nutrition to animal protein industry

Novus International, Inc., has announced the beginning of a new area of smarter solutions for farmers around the globe – intelligent nutrition Novus International is looking to bring intelligent solutions to animal nutrition. (Image source: Adobe Stock) The global feed additive company hosted a press conference during the World Pork Expo in Iowa to reveal […]

Animal or plant protein – Tribune Online

I want to know which is healthier, protein from Animals or those from Plants? Henry (by SMS)   Nutritionists believe that eating plant protein is objectively healthier than eating animal protein but research shows that the Mediterranean diet — which has plants as its foundation and also includes lean protein sources and seafood — is […]

Global Processed Animal Protein Market Size to Surpass USD

Houston, TX, Jan. 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to Zion Market Research has published a new research report titled “Processed Animal Protein Market By Form (Solid And Liquid), By Source (Pork, Beef, Poultry, And Others), And By Region – Global And Regional Industry Overview, Market Intelligence, Comprehensive Analysis, Historical Data, And Forecasts 2022 – […]

Animal protein firms must pivot in 2023 to secure future, Rabobank says

Animal protein companies face an ‘inflection point’ with a need to respond to structural changes in the market even with production levels and prices likely to remain elevated next year, according to Rabobank. Producers and processors of meat, poultry and seafood approach 2023 after a year marked by rising input prices, supply chain disruption and […]

Animal-free egg protein powers ‘world’s first protein-boosted hard juice’ from The EVERY Co and Pulp Culture

BUILD, which “required zero masking agents, sugar or other unnecessary additives”​ – contains on-trend ingredients ashwagandha and cordyceps, and 5g protein, something previously beyond the reach of Pulp Culture’s​​ formulators, who had “struggled to identify a protein that possessed the solubility, texture and neutral taste profile suitable for their premium live-culture beverages,” ​said The EVERY Co’s founder […]

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