A New Visitor | My Shetland

A New Visitor | My Shetland

We had a new visitor to our garden – no, not Monster (that’s his shouty face).

A beautiful cock pheasant who arrives every day to look for food in our garden.  Pheasants are not indigenous birds to Shetland and, although I see them around on my travels to Leradale (they were released from a nearby croft either by accident or design), they have never visited us.  I have a feeling my neighbour also feeds this same bird.  He is obviously doing the neighbourhood.

I am intrigued by him. I always want to watch and even tame him down a bit.

But he is very difficult to photograph!

I took these from my kitchen – note-to-self, I must clean the window.

I am not sure how OH feels about this beautiful bird scratching up his garden.  I don’t care.  Animals over garden every time unless it is a certain cat doing his business in the potatoes – that’s a different discussion.

So I crept outside with my big camera to see if I could get better photos.

And he immediately ran away.

And then flew away.  I will keep trying, though.

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A New Visitor | My Shetland

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