Woke Up To Snow | My Shetland

Woke Up To Snow | My Shetland

We woke up to snow. Not a lot but enough to get in the way of everything we wanted to do. And it is very windy too so the windchill is making itself known.

The Minions are fine. Because of their escape, they now have masses of old long grass to get through.  I grudgingly gave them their breakfast buckets of minerals/vitamins, cleared their water bucket of ice and told them that was it.  Nothing else.  Get on with it.

The sheep have haynets and, though they valiantly went into their field for the day, when I found them huddling behind a wall in a vicious hailstorm, I told them to come home.  So they took one look at their lovingly made haynets and walked out again, ducking under a fence to find another field to eat.  I tried. I really did.

Pepper, of course, has been my constant companion in all of this.  Ted went straight home and refused to leave his bed ever again.

The ducky-wuckies haven’t really left their shed either,  though there are a faction that are made to stay outside by Dad.  Duck-Wars are going on because the girls are laying eggs – I have no idea why. Spring, it ain’t.

This afternoon found me, as per usual, in my shed stabbing away while watching Murdoch Mysteries when I stupidly looked up…..

…. and saw this. That would be Iacs trying to get my attention.

Somehow he knew I had three buckets in my porch which I had planned to give to him and his field-mates at tea-time.

So they had it for lunch instead because I kept seeing Iacs out of the corner of my eye.  He was very persuasive.

Woke Up To Snow | My Shetland

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