UK Zoo Recruiting ‘Seagull Deterrent’ To Keep Them Away From Animal, People’s Food

UK Zoo Recruiting 'Seagull Deterrent' To Keep Them Away From Animal, People's Food

As the world is developing and becoming more connected with many different industries, some jobs become obsolete and others become more unique in their ways. But some come under the category of bizarre jobs that are important to some and odd to hear for others. And if you are looking for a new job that requires you to be out in the fresh air then this one is for you. You may consider becoming a human “Seagull deterrent” in England’s zoo. Before you react, Blackpool Zoo’s recruiters are looking for people who can do this job.

The recruiters are looking for those who can keep the hungry seagulls away from their visitor dining areas, and need a helping hand or indeed claw to do so. According to Mirror, the seaside zoo is looking for a fearless team of “seagull” deterrents’ to join their visitor services team, as part of their efforts to keep “nuisance” seagulls away from visitors’ chips.

The applicants also need to be able to demonstrate several specific qualities. The official job advertisement, listed on the Blackpool Zoo website reads: “At Blackpool Zoo we love all animals! And as a seaside resort, Blackpool is not short of seagulls. However, the seagulls are proving to be a bit of a nuisance when it comes to trying to steal food from our visitors and our animal enclosures!”

The job description stated that successful candidates will need to be focused, friendly, energetic and flexible. They are also required to be comfortable wearing a bird costume.

Being near the seaside, the zoo has witnessed and dealt with its share of ravenous seagulls and that has affected the review on the travel sites as the visitors often termed and gave caution entitled “Beware of the Seagulls.”

Despite getting a good rating, the visitors remain unimpressed due to the chaos created by the seagulls.

The role is being offered with variable seasonal hours and could be an exciting opportunity for those who have always fancied unleashing their inner pesky seagull.

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first published: April 24, 2023, 16:43 IST

last updated: April 24, 2023, 16:43 IST

UK Zoo Recruiting ‘Seagull Deterrent’ To Keep Them Away From Animal, People’s Food

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