Happy 8th Birthday Lambie | My Shetland

Happy 8th Birthday Lambie | My Shetland

It’s that time of year again – Lambie’s birthday.  Today he is 8 years old.

Lambie was born on a horrid stormy night. He was one of a twin but his sister died two days later and then later his mother.

(the wee scrap!)

Remembering how BeAnne was so brilliant with him – she was his Mum – brings tears to my eyes.

She was the best.

And now Lambie is a great big gorgeous sheep with his Prize Winning Smile.

He spent his special day with his best friends.

And he had some honey graham crackers as a birthday treat.

He was very happy – he adores biccies but we’ve cut back recently due to waistlines, unnecessary sugar and expense (they have sheep pellets now as their treat, which they also adore).

Eight years ago, there was a terrible storm.  Today we have snow showers.

Maybe it is a weather thing on Lambie’s birthday.

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Happy 8th Birthday Lambie | My Shetland

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