Triple Your Gift! – Animal Place

Triple Your Gift! - Animal Place

Will you help ring in the New Year with a win for animals like Cocomel? Right now, your donation triples for Cocomel and the Rescue Medical Fund. 

To know Cocomel is to know kindness and gentleness. Cocomel was born at a farm that lacked both. My best guess is Cocomel was born a twin to another lamb. Often when this happens, the mom cannot care for both. She might choose to abandon the sickest of the lambs. The industry calls these “bummer” lambs. 

Cocomel before and after. Your donation TRIPLES for the Rescue Medical Fund

Here at the sanctuary, every individual has a name, not a number. And right now, we need you to come through for Cocomel and his friends. We are so close to reaching our goal, but we need your gift to resupply the Rescue Medical Fund. This weekend, your donation TRIPLES.

I’m unsure who saw the nearly frozen lamb and took action. A farm worker? A passer-by? Whoever it was, they scooped Cocomel up and placed him outside the door of a local cat rescuer. Unfortunately, Cocomel was left outside during a winter storm. 

When I saw Cocomel’s photo and heard his story, I knew we had to help. He was rushed to a veterinary hospital where he was treated for hypothermia and a respiratory infection. He spent a week hospitalized before we could bring him home. 

And that is where people like you come in. To provide Cocomel the life-saving care he needed, we relied on the Rescue Medical Fund. 

See what you do:

Will you join animal lovers and triple your donation for the Rescue Medical Fund, so that animals like Cocomel can go from freezing and alone to warm and comforted?

This triple match is good until midnight December 31st. Help us reach our goal with a gift that triples today!

Right now, Cocomel is “yelling” loudly at one of our caregivers. He was weaned from the bottle a few months ago, but he believes that was an error on our part. Every time a caregiver walks by, he and his friend Marzipan race to the fence, bleating loudly. Instead of a bottle, caregivers sneak the two sheep treats of hay and grass!

Moments like these are made possible because of you. Please triple your gift to the Rescue Medical Fund today!

With compassion,

Kim Sturla

President & Cofounder 

PS: Your generous gift of $25 becomes $75 to help an animal in need!

Triple Your Gift! – Animal Place

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