Snow (again) | My Shetland

Snow (again) | My Shetland

We woke up to this (though I spent the night awake listening to the freezing rain and the wind howling).

This morning’s buckets.

(Haakon always looks wonderful in snow).

For the oldies, I do buckets and then haynets.  I call this my “Feeding Station”!

The Happy Couple share beautifully.

As do these two cousins but, to be fair, there are four haynets out.  One each with no arguing, please.

In the stable, which the horses hate, there are full haynets for the sheep.

I call this photo “Naomi and Kate”.

I’ve told everyone they are not to get “snow blindness” again.  We can’t be doing with that.

Harrel likes to wear his food.

And then over to see the Minions and I gave in, letting them up into the field with the grass.  When we get more snow, which is forecast, I can sleep at night knowing they have fibre in them and, if the roads get bad, they will be ok.

So this is my how we are coping with the snow at the moment. It has been snowing all day in flurries, melting in between but I don’t want anyone to be starving.  If the little ones manage to get laminitis in this, then I will give up.  There, I’ve said it.

Snow (again) | My Shetland

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