Tiger attack victim’s family want animal caught

Tiger attack victim’s family want animal caught

GUA MUSANG: The family members of Halim Asin, who died after being attacked by a tiger on Tuesday, are hoping that the Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) can track and capture the wild animal.

The victim’s father, Asin Parang, 68, said he and his family are finding it difficult to get over the tragedy that claimed the life of Halim, the fourth of six siblings.

“If I follow my angry heart, I want the tiger to die too because it killed my son. There are many animals in the forest, but humans are getting attacked (by tigers).

“I hope the tiger goes far away,” he told Bernama at his home in Kampung Aring 5 here.

Asin said his family members are currently confined at home and have nowhere to go because they were traumatised by the tiger attack that occurred when they were on their way back to Kampung Aring 6.

Meanwhile, Gua Musang OCPD Supt Sik Choon Food said the physical examination revealed bite marks on the victim’s neck.

A team from Perhilitan is still investigating at the scene.

“The post-mortem examination was carried out at 11am yesterday to find out the cause of death. We are still waiting for the report,” he said.

Earlier, the media reported that Halim Asin, 27, from the Bateq tribe, was attacked by a tiger while fishing with his eight-year-old nephew Alang Kuang in the upper reaches of Sungai Aring.

Yesterday, the rescue team found the body of an Orang Asli man curled up and stuck on a tree stump in Kuala Sungai Tunggul, about 2km from the scene, at 5.10pm.

Tiger attack victim’s family want animal caught

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