The Ducky-Wuckies | My Shetland

The Ducky-Wuckies | My Shetland

We have wild ducklings in our burn (stream) that runs through all the fields.  They are very sweet and I am trying to get Pepper used to seeing the little ones around as she is a terrible bird chaser. This is not encouraged.

Meanwhile, in just about every shed there is a duck sitting on eggs. Two ducks started in the hen-house in two separate fish-boxes. They have six eggs each.

I am allowed to serve food when asked but am definitely not allowed to look.

It is Round Two for Black Ducky. The last batch didn’t hatch and, to be honest, I am not very hopeful for this lot either but she is persistently sitting there so we will see.

Then there is Penthiselea who is nesting in the sheep-shed, behind the door.  This is bad place to nest as Harrel is not helpful and drips sheep lick on any laying duck’s head while he is trying to see what they are doing.  I have removed the sheep lick and possibly may have to remove Harrel too.

This duck decided to nest between the boards in the indoor riding school.  She is very polite and comes out for food occasionally, letting me know when she is ready to go back to her eggs. I am hopeful for her.  She has made a proper nest and seems to know what she’s doing.

This is Mr Ducky who is responsible for all this nesting.

And then lastly there is who I think is Penthiselea’s mother. She is in the little hen-house. She seems very comfortable there.  I have no idea how many, if any, eggs she is sitting on.  She has just begun her sit-on.

I guess it is that time of year and I do like little ducky-wuckies. They are so cute and fluffy but only for about five minutes.

And the seggies (yellow flag irises) have just come out too.

The Ducky-Wuckies | My Shetland

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