Ultimate Guide For The Long Haired German Shepherd

long haired german shepherd

The long haired German shepherd dog or the hairy german shepherd, It has several quite noticeable differences in the length of the coat from the common variety, which is mostly focused on the standards established today, The long coat german shepherd is a purebred German Shepherd but what makes them so special and beautiful is their long-haired coat, This Type of German Shepherd is very rare to find around because, for a puppy to be born long haired, both parents need to be long haired as well.

What Is a Long Haired German Shepherd?

Long Haired German Shepherds are very similar to the standard German Shepherd but they are typically much more outgoing and friendlier with everyone they meet, it’s a loyal animal to humans. These pups require some extra care in terms of grooming but are loved for their beautiful personality and appearance.

What makes the long haired GSD so unique? While most of his characteristics, temperamental traits and health issues align with the classic, short haired German Shepherd, the long coat german shepherd does have a few differences you should be aware of. whish makes this breed one of the biggest German shepherd dogs.

History of the breed

Long-haired German Shepherds are one of the varieties of typical “Germans”, In the first, these dogs were actively used only in the guard-search and herding service, due to which they belong to the category of old-type German Shepherds (Old German). German museums keep old engravings dating from the 15th-16th centuries. These prints depict the ancestors of the modern long-haired German shepherd.

long coat german shepherd

The GSD long coat breed was obtained as a result of work on crossing massive, physically strong and hardy South German stocky with high-legged Württemberg Shepherd Dogs. These works were primarily focused on obtaining hardy individuals with a strong constitution and excellent breed qualities, and the opening of the first club of fans of the long-haired breed took place at the end of the nineteenth century.

Until 2010, shepherd dogs with a long coat were not recognized by the International Kennel Association, therefore, adult representatives of the breed were not used in breeding and show careers, and puppies were culled at the litter stage. However, many breeders gave preference to the long-haired German shepherd dog, which has excellent breed data, good anatomy and bright coat color.

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German Short Haired Pointer Types


Long Haired Shepherds are longer than they are tall and have a pointy nose with erect ears. They have a long, straight, thick tail. As puppies, they have disproportionately large feet and ears, but they grow into them. They stand up to 26” tall and weighs up to 90 pounds (or more). Their hair is at least 2” long all over. It’s longer on the butt, belly, tail, backs of the legs, and around the ears.


the height at the withers for bitches – no more than 24 inches, males no more than 30 inches; Weight: 140 – 130 pounds; The female Weight -120-130 pounds.

The long coat german shepherd like any other kind of german shepherd dog, the owners have a large, powerful, dry head, with a pronounced transition from the forehead to the muzzle. The shape is like the Old German Shepherd Breed. The eyes are medium, brown in color, the nose is black with full color. The jaw is powerful, with good strength.


The neck of the gsd long coat is of medium length, powerful type, without dewlap, the area of ​​the withers is well pronounced. The back is elongated, strong with well-developed muscles. Sloped croup. The chest is outwardly powerful, slightly rounded. The abdomen is tucked up, the muscles are developed, dry, without skin folds. The tail is set low, in a calm position at the level of the hock, itself is powerful, it does not throw over the line of the back.


Powerful, straight, standing parallel, without eversion, well muscled. The thigh is wide and strong. Feet collected in a dense ball, oval toes, with black strong claws. The pads are hard.

A fluffy shepherd dog, especially a black long-haired one, looks more impressive than fellows of other breeds of the german shepherd dogs of a different color. By gender, bitches are much more elegant and petite than boys, but sometimes they are faced with the fact that they are of the smallish type.

According to the type of coat long haired German shepherds are divided into two types:

  1. dogs with long, coarse coats. The coat is coarse, rather stiff and does not adhere to the dog’s body. Forms feathering on the front and hind legs, as well as on the ears and tail.
  2. dogs with rather soft, long hair. The long and fluffy coat lies as if in a light wave on the back, forms pendants and frills on all limbs, on the ears and on the tail.
hairy german shepherd

The Character of The Dog

Long-haired German Shepherds are one of the fastest dog breeds it has a flexible body, athletic and is very fit, they are strong-willed.

All representatives of this breed have strong and fairly shaped with excellent qualities. “Germans” with long hair are able to perfectly adapt to any living conditions. It is thanks to its strong and stable nervous system, good health and high intelligence that the breed is considered universal.

Shepherd dogs are very actively involved in police and army activities, they work not only as shepherds but also as guards and rescuers. this breed can be safely given to families with small children because they are so friendly and one of the most loyal dogs. Also, such an animal can be just an ideal companion for lonely people. Long-haired “Germans” are distinguished by natural courage, and besides, such dogs are not characterized by gratuitous barking or active damage to property.


A healthy German Shepherd should live between 10 to 13 years. Health concerns you should be aware of are hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, heart conditions, and eye conditions. A good breeder should have a full history of their dog’s health issues and clear eye tests and hip scores. Having pet insurance could also save you from the headaches of going to the vet.

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Long Haired GSD Temperament

Long Coat German Shepherds are intelligent and easy to train. They are devoted to their family but wary of strangers. If they’re socialized properly as puppies, Long Haired German Shepherds can even get along with cats.

The long haired shepherd breeds can be a guard dogs around human strangers and may be inclined to chase anything smaller than themselves. However, they are gentle with children and make great family pets, This is a loyal friend, a devoted companion, an ideal service dog, a sweet and gentle dog. Every year they take first places in the competitions of service breeds, become stars of exhibitions and simply delight people with their existence.

Long Haired GSD Care

Regular grooming of the long coat of the dog not only positively affects the external characteristics of the pet, but also provides sufficient protection against ectoparasites and the most common dermatological diseases. A four-legged pet must be combed out during the moulting period and washed completely only as the coat is heavily soiled. Most often, the dog’s nails are grinded on their own, while walking on asphalt or concrete.

Grooming & Living Conditions

Long haired Shepherds shed a lot all year round. Moulting will also occur three weeks before fall or three weeks before spring. They are notoriously nightmares to groom as their coats tend to clump and mat – a lot of patience is needed to groom these dogs. You’ll need the perfect brush, a metal brush with lengthy teeth is preferred to get deep into the coat, and a pin brush is recommended to keep your pup’s coat shiny and clean.

Brushing daily for several minutes will prevent knots in the future. Be prepared to vacuum frequently to keep your surroundings clean, and always have a lint roller nearby to clean yourself before leaving the house. Due to German Shepherds being large, powerful and possessing strong guarding instincts, great care should be exercised when purchasing them. Poorly bred dogs are more likely to exhibit anxiety and nervousness.

To prevent over guarding behaviour, it’s best to socialize them at an early age as well as have extensive obedience classes. While with the family, they should be exposed to different elements, including loud noises and children. They like to be active and can get bored easily, so ample exercise is necessary to keep them engaged.

Long coat German shepherds should be kept indoors due to their large coats that can be matted easily. They’re best kept inside to prevent overheating in the summer and frostbite in the winter.

Keep your dog clean and groomed, their fur will attract dirt and mud and may start to the mat if not washed frequently. If you’re going away, it’s a good idea to have a house sitter or take them to a kennel as they’ll require a lot of attention.

long haired german shepherd

Long Haired German Shepherd Diet

Since German Shepherds are prone to joint problems and food allergies, finding the right food can be tricky.

You want food that isn’t too high in protein, especially when your dog is a puppy. That’s because too much protein can cause puppies to grow too fast and develop joint problems.

Also, for maintaining healthy joints, you should find a joint health dog food that contains glucosamine and chondroitin.

If your long haired GSD puppy seems to be suffering from food allergies, look for a hypoallergenic dog food with a unique protein. Limited ingredient diets contain fewer ingredients that may trigger allergic reactions.

Exercise and Walking

German Shepherds are real athletes who need physical activity. Urban shepherd dogs are bred 2-3 times a day. The duration of the walks is age-appropriate:

It’s not a secret that Long coat german shepherds need daily exercise. Dog owners that already have a long haired German Shepherd or that are thinking of welcoming one into their home will be impressed at the boundless energy he or they possesses.

While they make excellent indoor dogs, they have to have balance and an outlet to burn off their energy. This is easily done by playing outdoor games such as fetch or Frisbee, or taking them for a walk, run or jog.

Dog owners will find that the long haired German Shepherd can easily keep up with any pace of exercise and happily remains by the owner’s side.

It is advisable to walk the dog before feeding so that later it can calmly digest the food.

It will be useful to play games with peers, which develop courage, communication skills and increase the pet’s self-esteem.

long haired gsd puppy

Training and Education

In order for a German shepherd to show its best qualities, it is necessary to start raising a puppy from the first minutes of acquaintance. It is necessary to work with babies using a method of encouragement, paying special attention to socialization. With older animals that already have a base of skills, you need to methodically work out endurance and reflexes.

Long haired shepherd puppies at the age of 1.5 – 2 months are already able to perceive human speech and memorize the simplest commands.

The first six months of a dog’s life are the most difficult and at the same time the most productive in training. In order for the baby to grow up smart and well-mannered, experts recommend adhering to the following training scheme:

1.5–2 months – the long haired shepherd puppy gets used to its name and to the places for sleeping, eating and the primary toilet, and also learns the simplest commands;
2-4 months – the pet is taught to leash and collar, taught to go to the toilet on the street;
from 4-6 months – they consolidate what they have learned and master more complex commands;
6–12 months – further socialization of the dog takes place, in particular, it continues to be taught the correct behaviour in various situations.

Health Issues

The long-haired German Shepherd suffers from identical health issues as the standard German Shepherd.

Common diseases include hip and elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, eczema and digestive problems.

Although hip and elbow dysplasia is usually a genetic health issue, the other issues can be caused by careless breeding practices which make the breed prone to suffer from a variety of hereditary diseases.
The life expectancy of the gsd long coat ranges from 9 to 13 years. If you have a long haired GSD, the veterinarian can address any possible health issues and conduct a physical examination that may include blood tests, X-rays, and other tests to reach a proper diagnosis.

Long Haired German Shepherd Price

How much does a long haired German Shepherd cost?

Long haired shepherd Due to the rarity of the breed, the average cost will be a little higher. It’s also difficult to determine how many puppies will be in the litter. This means that even if you find a breeder that purposely breeds long-haired dogs, it may not work out. Longer coated Shepherds can be more expensive. The price is mostly determined by the hair color rather than the long hair itself. The cost varies widely, with the price being as low as $800 and as high as $2500.

How to choose a long haired shepherd puppy?

When examining the Long Haired German Shepherd puppy, you need to rely on certain indicators that characterize a thoroughbred puppy. According to the standard, the baby should not have too light eyes (blueness disappears up to 2 months), a small jaw, crooked paws, feathering behind the ears. Bite defects are allowed only within a few millimetres (no more than 2), which will disappear over time without additional efforts.

long haired shepherd puppy

Note: It is important to understand that a breeder can isolate a long-haired puppy from a litter only by 3 weeks of age.

The ears of the long haired shepherd should not stick out, they are in a lowered position up to 3-3.5 months. Otherwise, a potential owner should suspect a vitamin D deficiency.

The strength of the skeleton is an important parameter for the future owner. Defects include a disproportionately narrow muzzle and an overly broad forehead. The body is oblong. The paws are large. The presence of flaws in the shape of the back is not allowed. The tail is even, without kinks and bumps. The weight of an animal in 1 month is no more than 9 pounds. The norm is 4.5 to 6 pounds. Females are smaller than males.

There are certain selection criteria that are related to the prospects for interacting with the dog. If you plan to exhibit an animal, you should carefully read the pedigree. If the owner needs a companion, then first of all, the personal qualities of the long-haired shepherd dog are evaluated. Average marks for the exterior for such an animal will be enough. To participate in breeding, a bitch is acquired, whose mother and grandmother gave exceptionally high-class puppies. They also watch the qualities of the male that took part in mating, his awards from exhibitions and competitions.

Are long haired German shepherds good?

Now that you know more about the long haired gsd, you may wonder if this dog is suitable for you and your family.

First, you will need to keep in mind that this dog needs plenty of human contact and attention from his or her owner and family. If you are a busy single person that is hardly ever home, or you have a busy family that is always running off to attend activities on a daily basis, this may not be the best-suited dog for your lifestyle.

However, if you are a single person that needs a loving and friendly companion that will enjoy regular jogging or running sessions then the long coat german shepherd will be a great fit!In addition to having a great companion to spend time with, you will also be protected while walking, running, hiking or jogging on those isolated outdoor trails.

Also if you are a family that loves spending time at home, outdoors or at the local park you will enjoy welcoming a long coat black german shepherd into your life easily.

The secret is to make the dog part of your family and involve him or her in family activities. While those who are not familiar with German Shepherds will usually believe the harsh myths they hear from others, German Shepherds are not usually aggressive.

Red long haired german shepherd

long haired german shepherd breeders

Where can I find a long haired german shepherd puppies for sale?

  1. Mittelwest German Shepherds: mittelwest.com Phone: (815) 653-1900 | Location: Wonder Lake, IL.
  2. Vom Ragnar German Shepherds vomragnar.com Phone: (773) 552-0808 | Location: Harvard, IL.
  3. South Florida Shepherds: southfloridashepherds.com Phone: (305) 904-9796 | Location: Miami, FL.
  4. Heidelberg German Shepherds: heidelberg-usa.com Phone: (281) 350-3732 | Location: Spring, TX.
  5. Ruskin House of Shepherds: ruskinhouseofshepherds.com : Phone(941) 321-2305 | Location: Ruskin, FL.
  6. Kolenda Kennels:  kolendakennels.co phone (616) 681-2825 | Location: Dorr, MI.
  7. Southernwind Kennels: southernwindk9.com Phone: (787) 509-8857 | Location: Brooksville, FL.
  8. Regis Regal: regisregal.comPhone: (847) 721-1908 | Location: Spring Grove, IL.
  9. Von der Otto German Shepherds: ottogsd.com Phone: (214) 232-3194 | Location: Rockwall, TX.
  10. Jagermeister German Shepherds: k9cr.com Phone: (201) 873-8496 | Location: New Egypt, NJ.

How big do Long haired German Shepherds get?

How Big Do Long-Haired German Shepherds Get? like all the other breeds of the german shepherd the Long Haired German Shepherd adult males grow to the height of 24 to 26 inches (61 to 66 cm) and weigh 66 to 88 pounds (30 to 40 kg). Adult females are smaller at 22 to 24 inches tall (56 to 66 cm) and weight 51 to 73 pounds (23 to 33 kg).

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Whether it’s a specially trained protector, a high-quality breeder or a pet, the Longhaired German Shepherd Dog can be in many different statuses, and in each case, the owners are satisfied with the breed’s qualities. Combining nobility, restraint, endurance and the ability to difficult and persistent training, this amazing dog manifests itself in different areas. The long coat black german shepherd gives it the ability to adapt to all climates and looks very attractive when properly cared for.

Ideally, if the pet will live in the yard. Staying in cramped spaces limits exercise and makes it difficult to interact with family members who are unable to maintain adequate levels of physical activity. Before you get a shepherd dog, you need to sensibly assess your ability to work with it, walk and provide enough space to sleep and rest.

The obvious advantage of the breed is its ease of care. Regular check-ups, attentive attitude to changes in mood, quality food are the key to the health and long life of your pet.

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Ultimate Guide For The Long Haired German Shepherd

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