A Whole Hill of Nothing

A Whole Hill of Nothing

The Minions are not happy but they are just going to have to get on with it. I have to be strong.

They have 40 acres of nothing and my aim is weight loss and no laminitis, not now, not ever again.

Last winter was hell for us all.

A few days’ back, Daisy and I moved their buckets across the wee burn (stream) so that the ponies would stop hanging around the fence and go off exploring to find food.

Today’s food had a new supplement, specifically and expensively to get them through the bad potential laminitis periods (spring and autumn).  So of course they hated it and walked away, looking in all their buckets for something better.

Tomorrow I will make their food similar to what they are used to and slowly change it with the new supplement.

Meanwhile, the old ladies live in the adjacent field.

The one with all the green grass and they are very happy, possibly gloating about their new found calories.



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A Whole Hill of Nothing

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