They’re Back!

They’re Back!

My car is at the garage having life-saving surgery so I am running about in the horse-van, which is fine, if a bit big for the job.

I have been putting off my decision to take the Old Ones home since they were loving life at Leradale so much.

And, while I don’t want the Minions to even sniff a blade of grass, the Icelandics need more, especially the old ones (Haakon, Iacs and Kolka).

Today I made the decision to bring them home because when Kolka turned slightly, I swear I saw a line of ribs which made me suck my teeth.  No, not on Iacs – he just looks strange. That’s his normal.

So I put headcollars on Kolka and Klængur and attempted to load them. Klængur was having none of it.  He wouldn’t even go near the ramp.  So I tied him up and quickly loaded Kolka, who was very obliging.  Then I turned my attention back on Klængur who was upset his “wife” was now in the van.  As Klængur’s main aim in life is to stand next to his beloved, I used this knowledge to my advantage and pretty soon he loaded and I drove them home.  I also told Klængur that he would end up staying at Leradale with only the Minions for company forever!

And now, in these photos Kolka doesn’t look too bad for a 27 years old.

(if Klængur gets fat, he has a place reserved at my friend’s Fat Camp for the summer, like last year.)

And then I went back and got Haakon and Iacs who loaded like the dream horses they are.

Iacs would’ve probably driven home if he knew how to work the pedals.

Secretly I am thrilled my horses are home. I hated not being able to see them when I look out of the window.  It feels “right” now.

They’re Back!

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