New Rug Day

New Rug Day

As you know we’ve been living a rather higgledy-piggledy existence because we took up our sitting room old Persian rug to replace it with another and have been waiting for underlay (and, yes, of course I say ¡Ándale, ándale! every time!)

Firstly, we tried to get rid of all the animals so we could work in peace.

I used bribery with Pepper.

And Monster was ceremoniously carried on his bed to a better place.

Monster’s Better Place. He was not very impressed.

Underlay down plus lots of faffing about trying to make it straight before we put the Persian rug on top.  I came to the conclusion that our house is not actually symmetrical anywhere – not a straight line to be had.

Bloody cat!

Fer cryin’ out loud, Monster!  Why, just why?

We lugged the huge Persian rug into the house (it has been living in the big shed all rolled up and protected).

Unrolled it and already I know it will be beautiful here.

More faffing with measuring now.  We tried straightening by eye but ended up going with the science – a tape measure.

Some little dog didn’t help.

I put the room back while OH walked the dogs and so here it is in all its glory.

Utterly beautiful. I am very pleased. It makes a huge difference to the room.

Meanwhile Monster found his bed again. Phew!

New Rug Day

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