The Non-Existent Hunt | My Shetland

The Non-Existent Hunt | My Shetland

A new plant species has been discovered in Shetland.

It’s the elusive Patterdale terrier plant.

With sometimes a Schnorkie addition too.

Mum always thought Ted was a Schnorkie – Schnauzer x Yorkshire terrier.  Maybe I should get his doggie DNA done then I would know for sure what makes up a Ted.

Anywho, here is a sight I have seldom seen…..

One self-opinionated Patterdale terrier sharing, actually sharing, with her friend.  I have never seen this before.

Her Maj (aka BeAnne Duvet Soufflé) could not and would not do this – she would swear like a navvy and then a huge bust-up. It was not pretty.

So, to see these two actually sharing their non-existent quarry beautifully is wonderful and heart-warming to watch.  Obviously, these two have never caught anything mostly because rabbits are not stupid and no one is very committed to the task of digging for ages and ages.

Interestingly, Pepper will also share with Monster.

She is everyone’s friend (apart from Maggie’s – as we saw yesterday).

She even talks to the ducks.  They are less than impressed but no one seems to mind or care.

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The Non-Existent Hunt | My Shetland

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