Energy Tips Playshop (via Zoom) 12/11/2021

Energy Tips Playshop (via Zoom) 12/11/2021


Hi Everyone!

I’ve been guided to teach this playshop next!

This playshop is great for people just starting out on their journey working with energy and may need a few suggestions on how to stay grounded while you are expanding your intuition and energy fields, including having boundaries with this; some basic space clearing tips (home and personal space), and more! Great information if you feel everything, (being an Empath).

Let’s have some fun and learn some great tools to help you stay open and grounded at the same time!

DATE: 12/11/2021

TIME: 11:00am-12:30pm(PST) / 2:00pm(EST)-3:30pm(EST)



You will need a desktop/laptop to join. NO CELL PHONES. If you have a tablet and can turn off all notifications while on zoom, that’s okay. No fake/wonky backgrounds. You must be on screen, the entire time, no exceptions. Please respect/honor this.

This is what we will cover:

. Basic Space Clearing (home and personal)

. Grounding exercises

. Having boundaries with the ‘unseen’.

. ‘Protection’ exercises

. Cord Cutting

. Whatever else comes up!

The first hour will be me going over all of this information and then we will finish with a Q&A – I’ll answer as many questions regarding these topics that time will allow.

**Please check with me first prior to payment, to see if there is space left! 

Payment is non-transferrable, non-refundable.

Payment, which is your registration, can be made via Paypal or if you happen to have the Chase Direct Pay app on your phone, you can pay that way. My account is my cell phone, not my email that’s listed below, please let me know if you want to pay this way, and I will give you my cell information. 

Again, wait to register until you’ve confirmed with me that there is space available!

Looking forward to playing!

If interested, have questions, etc., please email me:

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Energy Tips Playshop (via Zoom) 12/11/2021

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