ACT! Animal Care Thassos : Cat in terrible condition

ACT! Animal Care Thassos : Cat in terrible condition

(attention: shocking picture!)

Today we got a message from tourists in Hotel Miramare Skala Potamia about a cat in a terrible condition with flies all over it. Luckily we were available to respond immediately. From the picture they sent, it was clear that the cat needed urgently help. We asked the tourists if there was anyone around to bring the cat to vet Lovolina Stamatekou because by the time one of us would arrive the cat would unnecessary suffer longer.

The tourists, on their way to the beach, didn’t hesitate for a moment and turned back to the hotel to catch the cat. Their own words were: “we can’t enjoy the beach knowing this cat is suffering there”.

Once at the vet, Lovolina ascertained that the cat was old and had multiple problems so it was better and more humane to euthanise it.

We apologise for the shocking picture, but what is really shocking is that many people must have walked past this cat without taking any action! We can simply not understand this…

Therefor we thank the tourists, Anna and her partner, for caring. It may be a sad ending but you saved the cat from hours or maybe days of suffering, being eaten alive by the flies until it would finally die.

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ACT! Animal Care Thassos : Cat in terrible condition

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