Sharing | My Shetland

Sharing | My Shetland

I needed to get to Lerwick to deliver many sheeple as they are selling fast.

But first things first.  Food.

(I would like to say there are seven buckets for six of them but there is no point, they have to share or annoy each other on purpose).

Is that a waistline I see?  Surely not!

And this is Newt’s grot-bag face.

He tries to win me round but it isn’t working.  Nope. I know him too well.

Meanwhile, Vitamin was not happy that everyone else had discovered they have 40 acres to explore.  She tries to get them to come back to her but they won’t and I won’t lie, I am pleased they are looking for grass now.

And so afterwards, I went to Lerwick to drop off the sheeple at Jamiesons Knitwear.

There were two cruise ships in and Lerwick was swarming with folk.  I have never seen it so busy.

I know this because I was walking up and down the street popping into shops to see if I had left my handbag, only to find it was sitting at home beside Monster’s bed!  I should not actually be allowed to go outside.

So Welcome to Shetland and have a nice day!  I was so relieved to find my handbag was at home.

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Sharing | My Shetland

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