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When I put Waffle, Tiddles and Albie into their paddock inside the shed for their laminitiss, I knew it was the paddock was a bit small but that was all the hurdles we had at the time.

So, today, I went to town armed with a pile of cash (from my sheep sales) and bought 12 hurdles to extend the paddock.  You don’t get many hurdles for a pile of cash but it was enough.

Once I had expertly rearranged, again, the car and trailer, I drove the van into the school and we let the boys out to play while we built their extension.

They were very happy and I think I will let them out to play on a daily basis.  They were cantering around giggling.

And investigated the whole set up getting into places they shouldn’t.

But the boys seemed happier even when I put them back in their new-and-improved paddock.  Not so small now.

OH also went around with pliers cutting off the loose chicken net ends and Tiddles “helped”.

I bought a gate for the big shed door that has to be chicken-proof because, if the door is open, they tend to come in and churn up the hay on the floor, which is annoying.

Later, this afternoon, I went in and brushed everyone.  They needed it.  Très bouffant.

I think the little boys felt better for being brushed, even Tiddles who hates being brushed.

The Extension | My Shetland

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