The Best Pomsky Breeders In The World

Best Pomsky Breeders Around the World

oPomskies puppies are rocketing sky high in popularity charts meaning there is a high demand for this crossbreed. Their diminutive size makes them ideal for apartments and small living spaces. Pomsky is not a true breed but it’s a cross between the Siberian husky and the Pomeranian.

Due to their photogenic appearance and prevalence on social media, they are in huge demand. Pomsky is technically a mixed breed dog and ideally resembles miniature wolves or small huskies, but some may look larger than normal Pomeranians.

Best Pomsky Breeders Around the World

Best Pomsky Breeders Around the World

Pomsky were first bred by Tressa Peterson and Joline Philips in 2012 and since then they have become a hot cake for dog owners. Their weight ranges from 20-30 lbs., height from 10-15 inches, and longevity range from 13-15 years.

They are double-coated, and their energy level and ability to bark are high. At least one hour/day of exercise is necessary for them. Pomsky shares a genetic predisposition to certain health issues with both of their parents including allergies, skin problems, heart diseases, hip dysplasia, and epilepsy.

Some Pomsky Breeders in the USA

1. Premier Pups

They are small home-based pomsky breeders and raise high-quality and sweet-natured puppies. They make a full package for the dog including treats, toys, and other important stuff before handing it over to the owners.

2. Portland Pomskies

This breeder has been doing Pomskiesbusiness since 2015. They are located in Portland, Oregon. They aim to produce the world’s healthiest pomskies. This breeder is registered with the (IPA) International Pomskies Association.

3. Pearl of the Orient Sea Puppies

They are home-based puppy breeders located in North Florida state. They run this business for many years, and they are the owners of pet sitter companies in Northeast Florida. Their puppies are healthy and vaccinated to date. They always hand over the best socializing and healthy puppy to the owners.

4. Middle Tennessee Pomskies

They are very old Pomsky breeders, and yet they handed over 100 Pomskies to their forever families. They started their business in 2013 and are registered breeders. If you are planning to buy a Pomsky puppy in Tennessee, Nashville, or closer cities, Middle Tennessee is a great choice for you.

5. KP Pomskies

They are in Corydon, Indiana USA. This might be a small breeder company, but they do +170 healthy tests on the puppies before handing them over to their new families. Their full-grown Pomsky’s don’t get that big compared to other breeders.

6. Brookside Pomskies

Utah and Idaho are the locations of BrooksidePomskies breeders, having beautiful vast farms. This is also a small-scale breeder company that has training programs for their dogs, for example, leash training,potty training, and kennel training. They produced ideal dogs with no genetic disorders. Their dogs are well trained and have pleasant personalities as well.

7. North California Pomskies

As the name indicates they are present in NorCal (North California). They have a 2-acre property for raising their dogs excellently. They have been in this business for 13 years and their dogs come with a 2 years health guarantee.

Pomsky Breeders Canada

1. Keurwood Pomsky

They are members of the Pomsky Owners Association. Christiana who owns Keurwood Pomskies is a horse rider and trainer. They not only breed Pomskies but also breed sports horses, so if you live in Ontario, this Keurwood Pomsky breeder is the best choice for you.

2. Chinook Pomskies

These are some of the best Pomsky breeders in Canada. They provide ideal environments for puppies to grow up. They are a very hardworking small home-based breeders family. They take very good care of dogs and puppies and train them as well. So, if you are living in Canada and looking forward to buying a pomsky, these Chinook Pomskies may prove the best choice for you.

Pomsky breeders in the UK

Moonlit Pomskies: This is owned by Joanne who loves dogs passionately. She has many different breeds of dogs like a Siberian husky, golden retriever, and Staffordshire bull terrier. Currently, she has imported some high-class dogs from the USA. For those people who live in The United Kingdom and looking to adopt Pomsky, this breeder company is the right choice for them.


Always buy your dog/puppy from a reputable dog breeder. Check all the documents and facilities provided by the breeder to the dog. A Pomsky price will vary from $1000-$5000. Small Pomsky demand is high and so the rates are. Always make sure, that is the breeder registered.HasPomsky been checked by the Vet and are medical records available? Is the breeder a member of the International Pomsky Association (IPA)?

Check breeder reviews over the internet, beware of the photos that come from the internet, as scammers may try to give you fake pictures, they took off Google. A reputable breeder will make the buying experience enjoyable for you by answering your question, providing proper documents, registration, or more.

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The Best Pomsky Breeders In The World

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