Ted’s Appointment | My Shetland

Ted’s Appointment | My Shetland

I went to town(s) today –  Scalloway for Ted’s hair appointment and then to Lerwick to buy some hay.

I don’t like leaving home.  I like my routine.  These days I struggle with little things like this.

Going anywhere is out of my comfort zone.  I need to stop over-thinking things.

Anyway, while Ted was at the dog-groomers, I went and bought some hay and decided to see how we would all get on with a round bale (something I haven’t bought for years). They are cheaper but unhelpful.  We will see.

I filled up the hours and got Ted back looking beautiful.

He is much better for his superb hair cut.

Such a difference.

And Pepper and Monster were fine by themselves all afternoon, though I asked OH to come home early to give them their tea on time as I knew Ted and I wouldn’t be home by then.

I booked another appointment for three months’ time.  A beautiful Ted is a loved Ted.

A little known fact – Ted goes more to the hairdresser than me!

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Ted’s Appointment | My Shetland

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