Hospital Visit | My Shetland

Hospital Visit | My Shetland

My back has been giving me gyp (muchos pain and sciatica) for a while now, so I bit the bullet and went to the Pain Clinic at our local hospital in town to discuss the possibilities of having a lumbar epidural injection of steroids into the offending part(s).  So now I am booked in for six weeks’ time or possibly sooner.

En route to hospital, I popped into Jamieson’s and delivered more sheeple as they had nearly run out (again).

Finally home in the afternoon and I needed to go for a walk with anyone who wanted to come too.

There was a wide assortment of companions offering.

And, yes, we all stood and waited for Monster!

And off we went.

I called the horses over and Kolka came cantering for the rather mean, and possibly slightly foosty (possibly the best word in the Shetland/Scottish dictionary = mouldy), carrot in my pocket.

And I love this more than I can say – Haakon having a little silly-billy giggle to himself. I haven’t seen that in a while.

The theme tune to “Black Beauty” was all I could hear as Iacs went rushing past me.  He circled back for the carrot, though.

Carrots duly accepted and eaten, I turned back for home wondering how on earth I am going to make enough sheeple for the tourist season.  I wonder if anyone would notice these two in the box in the shop?

However, Harrel’s faint smell of wee might give them away!

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Hospital Visit | My Shetland

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