Teatime | My Shetland

Teatime | My Shetland

The ponies get called up to the wee paddock for teatime as there is not much on their track and I feel bad for them worrying that they will all now get ulcers from the hunger eating them inside.  (And if it rains, I worry they will all melt).

So I dish out soaked ad-lib fibre-block which they quite like.

The old ladies like it most and that’s most important. I am trying to keep the weight on them while getting the others to lose it.

Previously, when I served the fibre block dry and unsoaked (which it said on the packet you can), Storm ate it until he got colic and it was a vet job so now I soak the blocks in a bucket of water for 12 hours first.

Vitamin is a huge fan and the old ladies also get a bucket in the morning, after breakfast, as they can’t manage the daily haynets very well, if at all (no teeth).  I tell myself that this time last year, most of the younger ponies were heading towards the laminitis misery-paddock and this is better for them.  So this year it is lots of fibre and exercise for everyone, including the Old Ladies.  Remember, Vitamin got laminitis and Fivla has Equine Metabolic Syndrome.

I’m not going to lie, this juggling act is a nightmare.

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Teatime | My Shetland

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