Worse Again | My Shetland

Worse Again | My Shetland

Tiddles was better this morning. His smiley face greeted me saying he could manage a bucket and thank you very much. So, relieved, feeling we might’ve turned a corner, I put him with his friends into a big field.


I did notice that Tiddles was still a bit subdued but he was more animated so I was hopeful this would do the trick.

And off they went.

They were all happy – Albie and Storm were thrilled.

This is Albie rolling with happiness, not colic.

And then, after lunch, I saw Tiddles lying down, rolling, kicking his belly, lying flat with legs straight out and I so brought him back up into the school to run him round.  He is passing a fairly loose stool but he is uncomfortable and miserable again.

The vet is on his way……  Everything crossed for Tiddles, please. I hate seeing him like this.

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Worse Again | My Shetland

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