Talking to the Organ Grinder, not the Monkey

Talking to the Organ Grinder, not the Monkey

After buckets, I decided that I wanted the Shetland ponies to explore their field more. I could see they just mostly stay in the same places not realising they have a whole 40 acres at their disposal.  This time I kept Vitamin’s headcollar on and took her for a walk to try and get the others to follow.  She is the herd leader.

Storm came trotting along behind us. He knew what I wanted and was very enthusiastic, happily keeping up.

Eventually the others got the plot and decided to follow, if slowly.

But when they cantered past, giggling, I knew the herd were going to stay in the hill part of the field for the rest of the day and that was exactly what I wanted.  No more hanging around the gate looking wistfully at a field of grass they can’t have.  There is plenty of grass in their field if they just go and look for it.

I had let Vitamin go, and she stopped, looked back and was waiting for Fivla to catch up, which I thought was very kind of her.


And off they all went further up the hill to the very top…..

….nwhich is where I left them and got on with my dog-walk instead.  Mission accomplised!

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Talking to the Organ Grinder, not the Monkey

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