A Bad Hair Day | My Shetland

A Bad Hair Day | My Shetland

Once I year, I go out with my brush, mane conditioning spray to try to make a difference.  Today  was that day and I was out with my grooming bucket as well as an anti-lice unguent.  They are all very itchy.  It’s the time of year.  Winter coats off, and summer drawers on.

There was lots of brushing.  Manes and tails plus any loose bits of body coat that would fall off easily.

I only needed to put a headcollar on two of them – Tiddles and Silver.  Tiddles hates being brushed and Silver can sometimes be unhelpful.

I also pulled out any gooby ear cling-ons – always bad this time of year and I have to be very quick and hope no one holds a grudge.

You can see Newt’s “goob” on his right ear. I got it!

And there were a few “interesting” hairdos afterwards

And obviously some beautiful ones too.

I also spent much of my time gently removing bits and pieces from being played with.  My grooming bucket was thoroughly gone through and emptied.

Anyway, I am glad it has been done (I also anti-itched the Old Ladies too).  The birds will pick up the brushed-out fur and hopefully the Minions will be less itchy too, thus saving my fences.

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A Bad Hair Day | My Shetland

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