Trip-Trapping Over My Bridge | My Shetland

Trip-Trapping Over My Bridge | My Shetland

Everyone is still alive (phew!) and the new fields that they are currently living in are completely still – very well sheltered as opposed to us on the top of the hill, where we get every gust.

Despite there being the burn (stream) that runs through all my land, I also moved the bucket of water for anyone who found it difficult to get to.  Water should be a necessity, not an effort.

Vitamin was grateful. I knew she would be.

Once breakfast was finished, I stacked up their now-empty bowls neatly, put them to one side knowing full well they will be scattered by tomorrow morning but hopefully not floating down the burn. Then I told everyone to go back to their field to the grazing and shelter.

To do this, the ponies have to cross a narrowish bridge.  Note how the ones at the front – Storm and Fivla unhelpfully cause a bottleneck in the traffic.

Then Silver remembered everyone was leaving so rushed up too, pushing them through.  Tiddles had a go at Vitamin (fool)…..

And Vitamin told him in no uncertain terms what she thought of him and any ideas he might have.

The next two days will be bad (much colder too) but I am now more confident that everyone is fine.

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Trip-Trapping Over My Bridge | My Shetland

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