The truth Gov. Noem’s puppy-killing scandal reveals about us all

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block Every now and then an individual animal’s story captures worldwide attention and brings the pains and paradoxes of our relationship to other species into stark relief. We saw this with Cecil, Harambe and Lolita—animals who became famous because of their tragic fates. We saw it last month with a […]

Cold Truth about Dairy: Calves Frozen, Punched, Killed, and Stuffed

This is a bit of a personal one… For you and me, the holidays are about being with those we love. But as I gather with my family, protected from the bitter cold outside, I start to think of all the animals who aren’t so fortunate.  I shiver, and it’s not from the cold.  I […]

Looking back at George Orwell’s Animal Farm A stunning indictment of corrupt power and manipulation of truth

In recent elections, Finland pulled to the right, joining a host of nations which have taken a conservative turn. Elsewhere, chaos reigns for various reasons: war, a breakdown in relations between powerful nations, climate change, widening divide between rich and poor, a virus which refuses to go away. Increasingly, reality is beginning to resemble the […]

Our Down with Duck Farming Billboards are Live – The Foul Truth – Ayrton Cooper, Campaigns Manager

Our Down with Duck Farming campaign has hit the ground running! We launched our brand-new campaign video, narrated by Evanna Lynch, and this week we have been celebrating ducks. We have collaborated with sanctuaries and many of our wonderful supporters have shared videos and stories of their duck companions or experiences with our feathered friends. We’ve […]

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