Foie Gras: UK Parliament Debates Import Ban as Protesters Gather

In the heart of Westminster–London’s historical and political hub–UK animal defenders demanded an end to foie gras imports.  While standing in front of the iconic Big Ben last week, protesters carried distressing video footage of foie gras production. They even displayed a ‘gavage tube,’ an instrument used to force-feed ducks and geese.  Others distributed plant-based […]

Cow won’t be declared as national animal: Govt tells Parliament

The central government on Monday made a definitive statement in Parliament regarding the status of the cow as a national animal. Union Culture Minister G Kishan Reddy clarified that the central government has no intention of declaring the cow as the national animal of India.  This announcement came in response to a question raised by […]

European Parliament Hearing Discusses the Massacre of Male Chicks

Following an invitation to the European Parliament, Animal Equality attended an event to discuss a nationwide ban on the slaughter of male chicks in Europe’s egg industry. The informational hearing was held on January 11, 2022, bringing together 18 leading European animal protection organizations, including Animal Equality. French animal rights group—L214—and the European Institute for […]

MPs nominated to animal welfare board to be exempt for office of profit provisions: Parliamentary panel

After juggling with contradictory opinions and changes in the administrative ministry, a parliamentary panel has said the election of parliamentarians to the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) may not be construed as holding an office of profit. The AWBI had requested the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Office of Profit in December 2018 to examine […]

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