Boys Day Out | My Shetland

Boys Day Out | My Shetland

Lambie was in a pensive mood this morning. I notice these things.

And after I had finished all the chores, I asked if they wanted to go into their field.  Everyone refused and the boys seemed very keen to follow me to the gate.  So I let them out into the Big Bad World, well, the hill actually.  This was Barrel’s first time but I knew the others would look after him.  They all know the hill very well.

The girls had to stay behind because the ram is probably still out and I don’t want them knocked up.

Instead, I fed them biccies and they seemed happy enough with that (Madge was somewhere else).

Later this afternoon, having coming out to feed the duckies/hens, I heard a plaintive wail – Barrel had come home and the other 3 were nowhere to be seen.  I let him back in and told him he was very clever for coming back and he had done just the right thing.

So, as the sun was setting, I shouted a bit into the hill to see if there was any movement.

And over the horizon came Lambie, ‘Bert and ‘Ster, plus a friend, I see.

The friend didn’t come too, which was good, and my lot made their way home.

Lambie did a lovely jump over the stream.  He’s still got it!

And I opened the gate and my sheep came home, joining up with Harrel and the ladies.

Apparently they had a very nice time, thank you very much!

(and if anyone’s getting angsty, I do have a legitimate crofting sheep allocation for the hill)

Boys Day Out | My Shetland

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