Hutto’s paradise for four-legged friends: Starmark Animal Behavior Center puts pets first

Seeking to strengthen the bond between you and your furry companion? Hutto’s Starmark Animal Behavior Center offers cutting-edge Canine Training and Behavior Solutions and luxurious boarding facilities to ensure pets’ well-being and happiness always comes first. The 200-kennel boarding center redefines pet hospitality, featuring spacious climate-controlled indoor/outdoor runs, play yards, delectable treats, rejuvenating massages and […]

Origami Paradise lets you create paper animals and build their habitat in a relaxing idle game, now open for pre-registration

If you’ve always been interested in the Japanese art of folding paper but have never gotten around to actually learning origami yourself, SEASUN CORPORATION LIMTED has a fun little alternative for you in the form of Origami Paradise. This unique sim lets you fold and create adorable animals and nurture them right from the palm […]

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