You can help pass state laws to create a more humane world for animals

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block State legislatures are again in session, and we’re busy in our push for the passage of animal protection laws across the country. In 2022, some 1,300 animal-related bills were introduced in the states, and dozens of valuable measures on both the state and federal levels passed. Highlights in the […]

Review of Pests: How Humans Create Animal Villains by Bethany Brookshire

Comment on this story Comment With its modest title, “Pests” might be mistakenly shelved with mouse-proofing guides. But Bethany Brookshire’s new book is something far more ambitious. A lively and fascinating work of science writing, “Pests” explores, as its subtitle promises, “how humans create animal villains” — including, naturally, mice. “Pests — the mice, raccoons, […]

Origami Paradise lets you create paper animals and build their habitat in a relaxing idle game, now open for pre-registration

If you’ve always been interested in the Japanese art of folding paper but have never gotten around to actually learning origami yourself, SEASUN CORPORATION LIMTED has a fun little alternative for you in the form of Origami Paradise. This unique sim lets you fold and create adorable animals and nurture them right from the palm […]

In 2022, we kept working to create a kinder world for farmed animals

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block We were nervous and excited as we gathered outside the Supreme Court of the United States on the morning of a day we won’t ever forget, Oct. 11, 2022. The court was about to hear arguments about Proposition 12, a landmark law passed by California voters in 2018 to […]

MWI Animal Health U.K. Launches MWI Pet to Create an Efficient Digital Contact Experience Between Veterinary Practices and Pet Owners

CASTLE CARY, England–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MWI Animal Health U.K. (MWIAH U.K.), a part of global healthcare company AmerisourceBergen (AB), today launched MWI Pet, a new technology offering designed to help veterinary practices increase engagement with their clients while reducing administrative burdens on their teams. MWI Pet enables an efficient digital contact experience between practices and pet owners. […]

Scientists rush to create vaccine for world’s biggest animal disease outbreak | African swine fever

Tucked between motorways in the west of the city, the drab brick building belonging to Madrid’s Complutense University stretches the length of a football pitch. Inside, a series of sterile laboratories – capable of handling the world’s most dangerous pathogens – can be found along a brightly lit hallway. This is the frontline of the […]

Goat Breeds – Rival Of Dogs To Create An Emotional Bond

Studying history, goats were the first livestock species to be domesticated by humans. Similar to dogs, goats also have emotional needs, they also like to play with other goats and enjoy spending time with their owners when they are petted. However, it has been proved that the goats could rival dogs in terms of emotional […]

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