DeepAction: a MATLAB toolbox for automated classification of animal behavior in video

Datasets Given that rodents are widely used in behavioral research, and mice are the most studied rodents35, we chose two publicly-available datasets featuring mice engaging in a range of behaviors in our main analysis. The first dataset, referred to as the “home-cage dataset,” was collected by Jhuang et al.7 and features 12 videos (approximately 10.5 h […]

Study finds human presence in National Parks drastically alters animal behavior

I’m sure you’ve seen the videos of negligent National Park visitors approaching bison and elk in the hopes of snapping a close-up photo. Or perhaps you’ve read up on Yellowstone’s long history of bear feeding and its impact on the park’s animal behavior. Human interaction with animals has always been a point of contention with […]

Why do pets do weird things? Animal behavior experts weigh in.

Comment on this story Comment Dogs and cats often act in amusing and bewildering ways. Sometimes science can explain their behaviors. Other times, their conduct may need a vet visit. And, occasionally, there is no logic for what they are doing, or why they are doing it. The Washington Post invited readers to submit photos […]

Local animal experts explain dog behaviors following two attacks in Tennessee | Local News

Two viscous dog attacks in both ends of the state last week have animal experts on alert. One happened in Marion County, seriously injuring an 11-year-old boy, and another near Memphis killed a five-month-old boy and his two-year-old sister. With those attacks in mind, we met with a local veterinarian and a dog trainer to […]

New Free Course – Six Simple Steps to Solve Your Dog’s Behavior Problems

We’ve just published a new FREE course on Dunbar Academy called Six Simple Steps to Solve Your Dog’s Behavior Problems. This course is filled with short videos and downloadable documents that provide the easiest, most effective, and most enjoyable dog training techniques for resolving all of the most common dog behavior problems. If you are […]

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