Hotel workers pamper stuffed animal left by Chino Hills teen – NBC Los Angeles

It could happen to anyone: rushing to leave a hotel room and leaving behind a valuable item in the midst of travel chaos. Fifteen-year-old Natalia from Chino Hills did just that. She left behind her favorite stuffed animal named Strawberry while she was traveling in Guatemala last month. “I was very sad,” said the teenager, […]

Complaints on Hiiumaa after animal carcasses left to rot in the open | News

Hiiu Autotrans, a subcontractor of the joint-stock company Vireen Hiiumaa AS and the company responsible for the disposal, has pledged to rectify the situation by bringing in extra earth for that purpose. The stench of, well, dead animals hangs in the air, and from beyond the site’s fencing, it could be clearly that a number […]

Only 10 days left for your chance to Win – Enter Now

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I Never Left I Only Changed Direction

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