Animals Believed to Be Extinct Were Found All Over the World This Year

The past year brought a glimmer of positive conservation news as several animal species thought to be extinct were rediscovered. Species have gone extinct at a much higher rate than is expected with evolution, and the blame has largely been placed on humans and their detrimental impact on certain species’ environments. Experts believe that the […]

Mammoth meatball? Cultured meat made with extinct animal DNA

CIA-funded In-Q-Tel backs biotech to resurrect woolly mammoth In-Q-Tel, a CIA-funded venture capital firm, listed Colossal Biosciences in its portfolio. Colossal has sought to de-extinct the woolly mammoth. Scott L. Hall, USA TODAY A cell-based meat company resurrected the extinct woolly mammoth – in the form of a lab-grown meatball.  The woolly mammoth was chosen […]

Yale postdoc wins Romer Prize for 3D modeling of extinct animal joints

Armita Manafzadeh’s unique data-driven approach to analyze the joints of dinosaurs and other extinct animals at the Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies earned recognition from the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. Iffat Zarif 1:36 am, Nov 16, 2022 Contributing Reporter Courtesy of Adeiyewunmi Osinubi Yale postdoctoral fellow Armita Manafzadeh was presented the Romer Prize by the […]

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