One more reading for animal control ordinance changes | Lifestyle

One more reading for animal control ordinance changes | Lifestyle

AUDUBON — Audubon City Council members voted to pass the second reading of an animal control ordinance update, putting some “teeth” into rules about animals running at large, and are working at putting together some rules to help control the feral cat population in the city as well.

In the changes, the Audubon Council is making, an owner can be banned from owning another dog for two years if their animal is caught at large three times in a year.

The council is also still looking at how the city’s feral cat concerns can be handled, and while there have been discussions, they are still looking at what can be done.

An Atlantic area veterinarian has started a program to deal with feral cats. Cats of Cass County was after Dr. Erin Conrad-Schwarte, who took over ownership of the Cass County Animal Clinic, and her staff received numerous questions about what to do with stray cats, especially those they find sick, injured or pregnant. Under their program they find volunteers who are willing to check live traps and bring cats to the clinic or to hold fund-raisers for the project in order to spay or neuter the cats or to pay for things like cat food or litter.

Other communities have also been dealing with at large or vicious animals.

Recently officials in the northwest Iowa city of Okoboji passed an ordinance that allows the city the authority to “evict” a vicious animal if that animal attacked a person or another animal.

“The change would be that we have recourse if there is multiple times that a dog has bitten other animals or attacked other animals unprovoked,” Okoboji Police Chief Jason Peterson said, “and if somebody’s hurt in a dog attack — or any domestic animal attack — the animal can be made to leave town.”

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One more reading for animal control ordinance changes | Lifestyle

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