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Woman Out Hiking Ends Up Spending Magical Afternoon With Majestic Animal

On a recent hike through the Utah wilderness, Denise Peterson noticed something that took her breath away. There, perched on a rock across a ravine, was a majestic young mountain lion, sunning herself and gazing over the large expanse. “She was sitting out in the open on the hillside looking down into the valley,” Peterson […]

Police See Animal Drowning In Canal And Make A Split-Second Decision

Meet Sarge — a senior rescue dog whose lifelong love for adventure sometimes leads to trouble. Sarge’s usually able to escape tricky situations on his own, but he recently got trapped in a canal and needed all the help he could get. When Lighthouse Point Police Department (LHPPD) received a call about a dog struggling […]

Commuters Surprised To Find Lost Little Animal Wandering Around Train Station

When lost in a busy railway station, it’s best to consult a map or ask for directions. But when you’re a small wild animal, finding your way home isn’t that simple. Recently, commuters in Adelaide, Australia, were perplexed when they spotted an echidna bumbling along the platform as if going about her evening commute. Railway […]

Rescuers Save Little Animal Found All Alone Clinging To Pole

As darkness descended in Melbourne, Australia, a young brushtail possum clung to a cold metal pole, unsure of what to do next. His mother was nowhere in sight, and the little possum was frozen in fear near a supermarket dumpster. But he didn’t have to feel lonely for long — trained animal rescuers from Warriors […]

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