Sunrise Shetland | My Shetland

Sunrise Shetland | My Shetland

Storm is now happily placed himself in the routine of a breakfast bucket.  He gets a handful of chaff, a mention of soaked beet and pink powder – a probiotic for a healthy gut.  I think he looks pretty much back to normal now. Well, Storm’s “normal” and no one really knows what that is.

Vultures were busy circling poor Fivla who was doing her best not to take her head out of the bucket.  One sign of weakness, and Newt would be in.  Fivla knows this and doesn’t even come up for air.

Pepper was on hoovering duty. I love how the ponies don’t mind her at all and she is totally relaxed amongst them too. I don’t think any other dog has ever managed this.

We had a good sunrise this morning too, which makes up the recent heinous weather.

Once I’ve fed everyone, I usually stand outside the feed shed and watch the sun rise and how the light changes.  It is special.

And this is the view of Foula on my way home from packing vegetables at Turriefield.  I had missed the sunset, but even so it was all very dramatic. Shetland is a beautiful place.

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Sunrise Shetland | My Shetland

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