Sun Shining | My Shetland

Sun Shining | My Shetland

This might be my next album cover.  I came across the Ancients having a mid-morning siesta in the lovely sunshine while I was walking the dogs (Monster didn’t come).

They seemed very settled, so I didn’t bother them.  This is their space. I am just a visitor.

Everywhere there were little patches of spring squill in the field…..

and possibly some Lousewort, but I am not sure.  The ones in my Shetland plant book look different.

Another orchid.  There are orchids beginning to appear everywhere.

It was a beautiful morning.  Really special and the dogs and I walked around the 30 acre field.

And here is another contender for the latest album cover (not that I am recording any music ever again – that ship has well and truly sailed).

When Shetland is beautiful, it’s very beautiful.

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Sun Shining | My Shetland

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